Trends and Tendencies that Drove Tyre Industry in 2016

The tyre industry growth that recently outstripped the planet’s GDP now slowly scales back but still remains in a constant state of flux in its every component – from introduction of new materials to manufacturing specifics and to dramatic impact of internet retails. The last factor, according to the experts from the UK online tyre […]

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the 5 major myths of the motorway

A large-scale survey carried out by the AA shows eight out of ten fear being hit if they break down on stretches of the motorway that use the hard shoulder as a driving lane. Mazda6 Diesels Go For Gold Breathing new life into your Audi A6 The blame game, “whipcash” and easy targets Drink Driving […]

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The price of car ownership across the globe

From dirt-cheap fuel in some of the world’s largest countries to expensive insurance costs and pricey taxation, which countries provide the world’s cheapest and most expensive drives? CarFinance247 take a look… Click to enlarge: Projecting Expenses For Car Ownership What’s the true cost of focussing on price? Add-on Products Price swings – So how does […]

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