Toyota is the world’s most valuable automotive brand

23 April 2008 from MotorTrader

Japanese carmaker is worth $35,134m

The Japanese manufacturer came twelfth in the poll with a brand value of $35,134m (£17.5m).

Google headed the list followed by General Electric and Microsoft.The study said the car market suffered from hikes in the price of crude oil and raw materials, fluctuations in exchange rates, and structural changes in the demand for cars.

“The automotive industry is likely to continue to grow in emerging markets such as Asia and Latin America. In mature markets, car companies will need to incorporate new technologies to attract consumers and generate growth,” read the report.

BMW was 17th on the list, with a brand value of $28,015m, followed by Porsche in 28th position and Mercedes-Benz in 36th.

Other carmakers in the top 100 include Honda (37), Nissan (59), Ford (68), Chevrolet (69) and Volkswagen (96).

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