Motor Trade Insider comes clean!

Buying a new car? Motor Trade Insider has come clean and lifted the lid on how the Motor Trade operates!

Motor Trade Insider Guide to Buying New Cars

The information Motor Trade Insider will provide you with will give you a valuable insight into the workings of the Motor Trade, help you with the decision making and negotiation, provide you with “insider” tips and tricks of the trade and, most importantly, save you money.

This information will give you an unquestionable advantage not only over others but also over the sales person and other Motor Trade personnel you may come into contact with.

In this book we will take you through the complete process of buying a new car. You will discover tips for researching and the importance of testing your new car before you sign the contract. Although we’ll be focusing on main franchised dealerships we’ll also take you through the other ways you can buy a new car including Brokers and importing.

 You will be exposed to the inner workings of a main dealership. You’ll learn all about the profit structures and commissions. You will find out who is who and who to complain to and how to make the most impact if things don’t go as well as you’d hoped. You will find out how to ensure you get the very best after-sales care and build a good relationship with your dealer.  We’ll give you the “horror stories” from inside the trade when things go wrong and how you can avoid them happening to you.

Our section on showrooms also unravels how showrooms work, and translates the way dealers speak so you need never feel intimidated during the process.

You will learn how a car salesman’s mind works, you’ll know exactly what they’re thinking and you’ll discover all the “qualifying” and “closing” techniques they will use to try and get you into the car they want to sell you, which may not necessarily be the car that you want or the one that’s right for you.

It is a cliché but nevertheless very true that after your house the next biggest purchase you are likely to make is your motor vehicle. If you never move house and change your car every three years, who knows it could be even bigger.

Let’s face it; it is an enormous pleasure to drive away in a brand new car but (and it’s sometimes a very big but) it can be an expensive pleasure. It is an accepted fact that as soon as a new car is sold it loses a percentage of its value straight away. Of course that percentage varies from model to model but one thing is for certain it will be substantial.

A cars residual value or the depreciation the car will suffer over the time you own it is not something that will bother you until it’s time to sell or part-exchange and we will take you through researching what the future value of your car is likely to be so you can make a fully informed purchase.

Motor Trade Insider is not one person but an amalgam of experienced Motor Trade professionals with many years experience in all aspects of the trade. They have decided that the time is right to let more people know and understand how the Motor Trade operates.

 Knowledge is indeed power and with this knowledge you will discover how to get the most for your money.

It is true there are literally thousands of websites on the internet which are devoted to cars and a good deal of these will show you how to save money and negotiate the best deals. Some of this advice is very basic and some is very good indeed but what you will not find is the real “inside” information, detail and real world examples available here.


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