Tesco: Car choice determined by geography

Motor Trader Online has an interesting article regarding how car choice is determined by geography in the UK.
New survey shows car map of Great Britain Customers’ choice of cars is determined by the area they live in, according to a new survey by Tesco.

Tescocompare.com, the supermarket’s independent website for car insurance, found the most popular county for Ford cars is Essex, home of Dagenham Motors. A quarter of all Tescocompare quotes in the Chelmsford area were for Fords – 50 per cent up on the national average. The survey claims that in the Romford area almost one in three cars are Fords. Birmingham’s drivers are most loyal to British brands – probably due to the local heritage – with ownership of MGs up 32 per cent on the national average and Rover ownership 74 per cent higher. Honda ownership is significantly higher near its Swindon manufacturing plant. Vauxhall top in Scotland Claire Blake, marketing manager at Fish Brothers Honda in Swindon, said “Employees at the plant are able to buy cars through the Honda scheme which boosts sales units,”. Vauxhall appears to be the most popular brand in Scotland, doing well in Aberdeen, Edinburgh and Glasgow. German manufacturers score well in London, with Audi up 55 per cent on its national average, BMW up 74 per cent, and Volkswagen up 65 per cent. National top-sellers Ford and Vauxhall fare worse in London, down 23 per cent and 27 per cent on the national average respectively. French brands show the highest disparities by region – Peugeot scored highly in Wales and the west country but both Peugeot and Renault are around 20 per cent down in London.


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