Insider Guide To Car Finance

Everything you need to know about buying, funding or leasing a new or used car – the cheapest way!

• Exciting & New Ways To Fund Your Next Car
• STOP Losing £000′s Every Time You Buy Or Finance A New Or Used Car
• Prepare To Be Shocked By The Car You Could Be Driving
• The Most Simple Guide To Car Funding Ever Written
• All Methods Explained, You Can’t Fail To Save Money
• Drive New Cars From Just Over £100 + VAT Per Month

An encyclopaedia of ways to save money and drive a GREAT Car written by one of the UK’s most controversial critics of the car finance industry!

CAR BUYERS’ GUIDE EXPOSES DIRTY TRICKS! Written By Graham Hill, As heard On BBC Radio 4’s Money Box!

Secrets kept back from Consumers and Small Businesses could be costing them £millions per annum on their car finance whilst the finance arrangers line their pockets. Whether you’re financing a new or used car I’m going to give you all the information you need to save money and drive a better car – guaranteed!

GH Finance


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