Tough times but the basics remain the same

The motor industry is having a tough time at present along with the rest of the country, of that there can be no argument; however the rules remain the same.
A dealership which has good systems and sound processes and are prepared to make customer care their number one priority target will succeed.

Although the outlook may seem bleak, people are still buying cars. What they are doing though is more vigorously exercising their choice and if a retail car outlet, of any kind, is not prepared to meet the challenge and provide a first class customer experience they can expect tougher times than most.

Having been in the motor trade many years it’s funny to see how the basics are the same now as they have always been. OK so the buying criteria may be ever changing, such as fuel considerations and green issues, but the basics remain constant.
If cars are prepared, presented, and priced correctly and dealers are professional in their dealings with potential clients, they will sell cars, it’s a simple fact. The outlets that cut corners and provide substandard cars and service will go under.

So the tip of the day is to make sure that when you approach a car showroom, of any kind, take a look at the display, is it somewhere that looks like it wants your business?
When you enter the showroom does the receptionist actually look like she is vaguely bothered whether you are there or not? (how many times have you wondered around a shop or showroom feeling as if you were the invisible man or woman?!) More importantly does the person who actually does approach you act like they want your business or can they not wait to get back to their computer terminal? Remember it is a buyer’s market and if you don’t feel special now it’s probably safe to assume, at least in this particular showroom, that you never will.

In years gone by at least salespeople, for all their faults and hard sell tactics, were actually interested in you, selling you a car and making sure you were in possession of all the facts at the very least. I have to say I’ve noticed that today’s breed of sales professional can be very good at recording information and answering questions but I’m left wondering whether they are actually enthusiastic enough to get you to part with your cash.

If you are not happy with your experience go somewhere else! Enjoy the experience and don’t be afraid to remind them that they, now more than ever, need to look after you and keep their pencils sharp when negotiating a deal with you!

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