Green light at UK motor show

WITH petrol prices at record highs, green is the new black where vehicles are concerned.
More eco-friendly, less gas-guzzling vehicles are making appearances at major motoring shows.

At the British International Motor Show, which opened in London on July 24th, more than 20 environmentally friendly cars will make their world debut.

Grouped together at the show’s Electric Vehicle Village, they will make up one of the largest collection of zero-emission vehicles ever seen in Britain.

Said Mr Paul Everitt, chief executive of the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders of UK: ‘The show is also an important showcase for efforts the industry is making to help reduce carbon dioxide emissions and meet the challenges of climate change.’

Meanwhile, the Cooperative Insurance Greener Driving Pavilion, another new feature at the motor show, aims to give visitors an insight into the technologies that the motoring industry is developing to help reduce the environmental impact of vehicles on the road.

The motor show, which attracts 60 manufacturers, will see 600 vehicles from the past, present and future on display.

Also to be unveiled to the world at the show are Lotus’ mid-engined 2+2, Ford’s Focus RS and Seat’s Ibiza SportCoupe.

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