New road tax is changing things

Here a couple of interesting things we’ve noticed that are happening as a result of the Governments propsed changes to Road Fund Licensing.

Firstly this actually happened at the auction recently and is a good indicator of the shape of things to come, a white Citroen Saxo on an Y plate (which will be affected by the new car tax) goes for £800 whereas an almost identical Saxo with higher mileage and on an R plate (and therefore out of the scope of the new tax changes) goes for £900! As you can see the changes are already having a trickle down affect and are making a real difference to the value of used cars.

Then there’s the big engined petrol “gas guzzlers”. We saw a BMW X5 4.6 litre petrol 03/53 with 26k on the clock, loaded with extras, comms pack, black leather £55,000 new, well it went for a shade over £13,000!

The word on the grapevine is that dealers will start offering “three years road fund paid” on the big engined cars very soon. You heard it hear first!

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