The greedy dealer and the customer who hit back!

You know that we here at Motor Trade Insider are all about helping the beleaguered motorist fight back with real “insider” info, tricks of the trade and advice, well we thought you might be interested in the little tale of the greedy car salesman and the customer who hit back. This is a true story and I could name the car dealer concerned but I think he’s probably suffered enough.

It all starts with a young man (let’s call him Peter) who has a car which he reasonably considers to be worth £4,000. He’s done his homework and he believes £4,000 to be fair valuation of his vehicle.
So armed with this information he takes his car to a nearby dealer who specializes in this particular make and model of car and, in fact, has several other examples for sale on his forecourt at far more than the £4,000 Peter wants.
Peter reveals to the dealer that he is in a hurry to sell and after a brief conversation Peter is offered only £2,000 .This is obviously much less than Peter wanted and what he realistically hoped to achieve. The dealer makes it clear that this can be his only offer and Peter tells him;

“Thanks but no thanks”

Peter leaves the dealership a little crestfallen but also rather annoyed that the dealer should be so blatant in his attempt to take advantage of Peter’s situation. After stewing for a while Peter comes up with a plan that he hopes will;

A. Get him the price he wants and needs for his car and
B. Teach the greedy opportunist car dealer a lesson

So Peter gets his girlfriend (let’s call her Emma) to call into the dealers showroom and ask for the exact same model with the same specification that Peter already owns and for which the dealer had earlier given the derisory valuation for. Emma tells the dealer she needs the car urgently and certainly within the next two days and has £6,000 in cash if dealer can find that make and model.
When Emma has left the showroom our greedy dealer friend rubs his hands together with glee and get’s straight on the phone to Peter. He explains that he’s given the whole thing some thought and can maybe up his offer on the car after all and did Peter still want to do a deal?
Peter explains that he has someone coming down to buy his car the next day but needs to sell it quick as he is going away, so makes it clear to the dealer he will sell to first person who pays £4,000 in cash.
Our dealer friend then rings Emma with the good news that he has found the exact car and specification she wanted and will sell it to her for £6,000
Emma says that this is great news and to call her as soon as it’s in and she will come down with the cash and drive it away.
The dealer then rings Peter back and agrees to give him £4,000 cash for his car. On completing his conversation with Peter he smiles contentedly dreaming of the £2,000 he’s going to pick up for the cost of a couple of phone calls. “I love this game” he says quietly to himself.
Peter then comes back to the showroom gives the dealer the car, the keys and the paperwork and collects his £4,000 cash.
The very next day the dealer rings Emma back and gives her the good news that he now has the car, has had it checked and valeted and, what time she would like to collect it?
Emma tells him she’s very sorry but she had just bought a different car that very morning but thanked him for looking for her and quickly hangs up.
End result?
Our dealer friend is fuming as he’s stuck with a car he didn’t want to buy and Peter and Emma are very happy with the £4,000 and go on holiday as planned.
Greedy dealer sulks
And the moral of story?
No matter how clever you think you are there will always be someone more clever!
Oh and don’t be greedy!

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