British drivers ‘want to go green’

More than half of all car owners in the UK are concerned about the impact their vehicle has on the environment, it has been revealed.
Research carried out by financial services provider Experian found 55 per cent of motorists are worried about carbon emissions when they drive, with 26 per cent adding this will be a factor when it comes to buying their next car.

The study found women are much more likely than men to worry about the damage their driving does to the environment, with 65 per cent expressing concern compared to 45 per cent of men.

Kirk Fletcher, managing director of the company’s automotive division, said: “Our research shows that the environment is clearly becoming a bigger concern for car owners.

“In our opinion, this is more likely to continue to grow rather than diminish and needs to be factored into the sales process.”

A spokesperson for the Environmental Transport Association (ETA) said: “These figures are more encouraging than most and suugest that environmental awareness among motorists is on the up – our own research earlier this year revealed that two thirds of motorists have no idea how much CO2 their car produces.”

Earlier this week, charity Friends of the Earth called on the government do more to promote forms of green transport.


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