Car sales, the Internet and the happy shopper

The internet, as we know, is a very powerful tool in the world of selling motor cars, in fact it is so powerful that some dealers do not even bother with newspaper advertising anymore, apparently the accuracy and the ability to update information daily are proving the difference between selling more cars and having stagnant stock.

A car is now 10 times more likely to sell if it is promoted with images and up to date information and, particularly in the current climate where dealers are desperate to keep their stock turning.
A price war is breaking out in some sections of the trade where rival dealers will drop the price of their cars in direct competition with a dealer selling similar cars within a certain radius, to get the first crack at potential customers surfing the net. This results in there potentially being a great deal or bargain to be had for car buyers, but, of course, remember that the cheapest is not always necessarily the best and the lowest price may not deliver the best service.

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