Gain a competitive edge at trade-in

When selling cars in the current trading climate we need to maximize our opportunities when it comes to saving money, therefore when it comes to presenting your car for sale whether advertising privately or for part exchange it is more important than ever to ensure your car is in as good condition as possible.

For instance when your car has a scrape on a bumper or scuff on a wing or dent in a door panel, you would think that in order to have these things fixed you would need to take it to a body shop where just re-spraying a bumper could cost you upwards of £250 and if any panel beating is required then £000s more.

There is however alternatives there are several companies that are used by the motor trade for these smart repairs at a fraction of the cost of a body shop, also there are companies that will repair torn interiors, cigarette burns, alloy wheel refurbishments and plastic molding repairs. A typical smart repair can cost as little as £75 for a bumper scuff and an alloy wheel can be repaired and polished for £40, and remember if the trade use these companies to prepare their used cars for retail sale then the consumer will also benefit from these services, these guys will usually carry out the repairs at your house or place of business as they are mobile, always try and use a franchised backed repairer and ensure that all work is guaranteed.

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