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A colleague and I were chatting yesterday and he mentioned that a friend of his had a car to trade-in and would I be able to find a replacement (which I since have) his current car is a Renault Vel Satis a rather unusual looking car (think Fiat Multipla) which was only around for a short while.

Anyway it transpires that this guy has one and is changing it because it’s almost impossible to get parts for it and when he did they were absolutely extortionate in price, so much so that he dreaded having it go wrong or servicing it. He is rather sensibly getting rid but has lost thousands of pounds!

A bit of advice; quirky and ugly = terrible residual and high maintenance costs.

Also heard a funny statement whilst on a recent trade get-together, when another colleague on hearing yet another story of a customer trying to sell a car he had owned for only 2 months and my exasperation of why people don’t prepare properly etc!

Well he said

‘MTI if these customers weren’t stupid we wouldn’t sell so many cars’

A very important point which just goes to prove that buying a car is, for some people, a very emotional thing and sometimes they just have to follow their hearts, hence the old saying;
‘you can lead them to water but you can’t make them drink’.

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