It’s all about timing!

For every ying there must be a yang and it is very true today, right now in the motor trade. The market is swamped with big engined petrol cars as people attempt to off load their big thirsty cars and get into something cheaper and, of course, “green”. So while it is true there are many desperate sellers of the big 4WD’s out there, watching helplessly as their vehicles value plummets, there has never been a better time to buy one, if that’s what you desire.

Think about it, you can pick these up nearly new for a song and offset what you would have paid a year ago against the higher RFL and costlier fuel and still be up on the deal. Remember most people are like sheep (or indeed lemmings) and will follow eachother down to the car dealers and out of their big cars (and lose a hell of a lot of money in the process).

Maybe now’s the time to get behind the wheel of the big gas guzzler you always wanted!

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