A common sense guide for car dealer complaints

The most fundamental thing when making a complaint is to first establish the name of the person you have complained to and always make sure you are firm in your dealings ensuring that if they say they will call back at a certain time they do so.

Also depending on the nature of your problem you need to be sure you are speaking to the person or department that is most likely to resolve your issue. Try always to remain calm and not lose your temper and swear. Always try and establish who is in over all control of the business, these are the ultimate decision makers in the event that you need compensating and never be afraid to bring these names into play.

In my experience the best attention I give to any customer who complains to me is when they don’t make it personal, treat me with the same respect that I have afforded them, have not become emotional and are reasonable when trying to reach a compromise. These kind of customers with legitimate complaints will usually get the red carpet treatment because they are not ‘rucking’, just allowing you to bring the matter to a satisfactory conclusion.

However if once you have made your complaint clear and still don’t think you are getting any satisfaction you must take up the issue with the line manager of the department. He or she will want to deal with any issues swiftly as they will not want the complaint reaching their boss. This is aggravation that none of them need. This person will normally be empowered to commit to low level compensation such as a full tank of petrol, a free set of mats, next service bill F.O.C. or the loan of a car whilst any work is being carried out.

Anything more than this will need to be referred to the Brand/General manager who is empowered to give the customer anything they see fit.

In this day of dealer and manufacturer driven satisfaction surveys and detailed analysis of customer’s experiences, financial incentives are in place for keeping customers satisfied so it really is in everyone’s interest to keep you happy and ensure that you come back again.

As I used to say to all my staff, "It’s not what the problem is it’s how you resolve the issue"

All businesses want the customer to comes back again and relate positive experiences to family, friends and colleagues.

Remember cars are made of thousands of mechanical parts which can go wrong at anytime, so don’t think that because you paid £15,000 for a car it will never go wrong. It is how your problem is resolved that will ultimately measure your experience.

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