And the lesson today to sell a car!

I visited one of my dealers today who is going through a bad time at the moment, struggling to sell cars and not really understanding why. So I go back to basics with him;
Are we qualifying properly?
Are we establishing how the purchase will be made? (Cash/monthly payment)
Are we test driving (creating desire) etc.etc?
We then establish by me doing an exercise where I ring some of his sales teams most recent prospective customers that;

A) Why they have not bought a car and
B) Is there anything else we could do to encourage them to do so?

I was particularly intrigued with one chap who clearly wanted to get the whole deal done (he had two very old cars to trade in so I guessed this was something he didn’t do very often) anyway after chatting to him and asking some very simple leading questions like what did he use the car for, how many miles, what spec was important etc.
It turned out that when he first came to the showroom he had asked the sales guy for an automatic, medium sized car and although he had the right money to purchase a car of this type from this dealer, they had not had what he asked for in stock so they agreed to speak again when something suitable came in.
Well being a Motor Trade Insider old habits die hard and I then offered 2 alternative automatics in the range that were in the budget and available and he replied that he hadn’t considered them because he didn’t know about them! I suggested he come in for a test drive to see if they worked for him and surprise surprise he ended up putting a deposit down on a 5door hatchback, automatic and walking away a happy man.
The conclusion? Although at Motor Trade Insider we always make people aware of sharp salesmen who are too clever for their own good and often end up scaring people away, there are also sales people who we call “order takers” who can only sell cars to what we call ‘hands up Billy’s’ meaning customers who come into the showroom, point out the car they want and put a deposit down there and then. What about the people who aren’t sure, have some idea but are open minded to alternatives? It’s all about communication and building relationships.
On this occasion everyone was happy with the outcome, but you can be sure of one thing; once Motor Trade Insider had educated the management at this dealership I’m sure that the next prospective customers who visit can expect a much more professional experience and hopefully receive a few options to help make that ultimate choice.
Remember, it’s a cliché but nevertheless true, after your house this can easily be the most expensive purchase you make!

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