August new car registration figures, are they really that bad?

It’s Happened again! Not only are we in a global downturn with nothing but bad news on every horizon; fuel Prices, RFL hikes, stealth taxes, rising energy prices, high inflation, house price reduction, credit crunch, downturn in retail sales, appalling weather!

But that isn’t enough for some people. The media in this country don’t think that any of us want to hear any good news only doom, and why let the truth get in the way of another depressing story. Let’s get some things clear from the start, from a motor trade perspective things are hard, sales levels are down year on year, it is harder for customers to obtain credit and high co2 cars are being taxed to death, values of used cars are depreciating fairly heavily, however the truth is cars are still being sold, dealers are still making margins (albeit they have been eroded) and if dealers are good at their job and treat every customer as if it is their last then they can continue to be profitable, so when I heard a story on national radio this week I was shocked to hear that this Augusts’ sales of new cars had not been as low as this since 1966.

After sitting back and thinking about this I did some research and found that it was 1968 when new registrations changed to August from January so there is nothing significant about August 1966 and the figures would be very low for that transitional period but perhaps more disturbingly August for the last 10 years has proceeded September as the new registration date therefore how would august look anything other than terrible when compared to these spurious stats. Make up your own mind I am in the trade and things are hard, no doubt but we are still selling and repairing cars like we always have, the difference being is that in order to keep doing this dealers have had to realize that customer care is of paramount importance and ‘cherry picking’ hot customers is no longer an option, treat every prospect as you would like your mother and father to be treated is the trade advice and, let’s face it this can only be good news for consumers both for a fantastic deal and first class experience!

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One Response to August new car registration figures, are they really that bad?

  1. Dr Blockbuster September 9, 2008 at 2:45 am #

    Yesch, indeed, I heard this STUPID story too about how the August figures had been the lowest since Geoff Hurst scored that goal for England!

    The August now is the July that was … simple as that … clear as mud 😉 As August used to be the ONLY registration month prior to the current plate type those months were ALWAYS exceptionally high.

    Nuff said .. but that sort of press reporting is looking to stimulate as much confidence as Gerald Ratner’s annual report!

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