Motor Trade language is dying out

motor trade lexicon
Here are a few examples of phrases which have been used in the trade for years, although it’s unlikely that a customer would get to hear many of them, like knowing a foreign language if you do hear these phrases at anytime it’s nice to know isn’t it? 

Like a lot of things in the trade many of  the new breed of salespeople will not have a clue when some of the older dogs are using this language so alas it is dying out as the old relics of the trade are put out to pasture or worse promoted!


Brewsters lots of money from the film “Brewsters Millions”
Billy as in bunter (punter/customer)
Five and a farmers (daughter) as in quarter £5250
Alan as in minter (a lovely car) or LULU the same thing
Rucker as in a complaining customer. Also known as a Terrorist (i.e a returning rucker!)
Big music as in a multiplay cd stacker
Nail or Lemon (horrible car)
Windows and roof (electric sunroof and windows)
Boots (tyres)
Bidet (rear wash wipe)
Skin and Wind (leather and air conditioning)
Rag top (convertible)
Flat as a kippers dick (slow market)
Big wheels (set of alloys)
Lump and Bump//Up and Jump (get a customer out of negative equity)
Leggy (high mileage)
Lumpy (big expensive car)
Dipper (deposit) as in cop a dipper to get a deposit. “See 14 digits”
Dealted (sign someone up)
Strapped up (a customer has taken out finance)
Chopper (part exchange as in to “chop in”)
Spuff (let a car go to cheaply)
Drainer (a salesperson who goes on and on)
Lulu (an excellent example of a used vehicle. Generally very good spec and a good profit opportunity. See “Alan”)
14 digits (to take a deposit see “dipper”)
Kicked in the nuts (make a derisory offer for a car)

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