Time for a new Audi

We recently heard from someone who is in the market for a used Audi, a 3-4 year old AUDI A4 Avant 2.0 TDI SE to be precise. They had owned their current car (an Audi, purchased from new) for many trouble free years. Having been out of the marketplace for so long they wanted some tips on what to expect and how to grab a bargain Unfortunately the car they currently own, in my opinion, had the best engine (or certainly most reliable) that Audi ever made; the 5 cylinder 2.3, smooth, reliable, low maintenance and surprisingly economic, so the only direction now is down! I know this because many years ago I supplied my father with such a model and he still goes on about it today. The good thing is that the Audi has improved in many other ways; design, aesthetics, spec and their diesel engines. Indeed they are in many people in the trade’s opinion a market leader. I would expect in the current market that they should expect to negotiate at least £1,000 discount on the model in question and perhaps more if they intend to take up any add-on products such as finance, GAP or payment protection etc. But here is a tip if they have the time to take when making their choice; all Audi dealers and indeed most main dealers of all sorts rely almost entirely on the internet for marketing their cars. It is so powerful that on a daily basis the used cars on offer can be updated to keep ahead of the competition, many people who want the right deal have targeted the cars that are of interest on the web and waited for them to be discounted (especially relevant when there are many examples of similar models as in this case) and then gone to negotiate knowing the car has been advertised for some time. The reason for this, especially at present is that there is tremendous pressure during any downturn to keep the stock turning, ageing stock is costly stock with interest accruing on funded cars and working capital under pressure so you will find that dealers will discount their cars a lot quicker and more regularly during peak times (March and September for instance) because there is always a lot more stock coming through by way of new car trade-ins and company/lease car de-fleets. One last thing; there is nearly always, at this time of the year some kind of used car sale usually lasting 10 days or more, so check out and compare. Let’s hope they enjoy their new Audi as much as the 2.3 if that’s possible!

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