Top 10 cloned vehicles

A new survey has revealed that cloning cars is on the increase with Mercedes C Class and Ford Transit topping an HPI list of most cloned vehicles.

Criminals create a clone of a car by stealing the id of another vehicle, replacing the number plates and VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) on their car with the stolen id from an identical car of the same make and colour etc.

So if you buy a car from any dealer make sure that all their cars are ID and mileage checked against the HPI (Hire Purchase Information) register before buying, if not just walk away!

Top 10
1 Mercedes C Class
2 Ford Transit
3 Audi a4
4 BMW 3 series
5 Audi TT
6 VW Golf
7 Vauxhall Vivaro
8 Land Rover
9 Peugeot 206
10 VW Passat


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