Prius get’s the thumbs up from eBay

ebay prius
I have just come off the telephone with an old friend of mine who retails a lot of his cars on ebay motors. He recently told me about a Toyota Prius he’s taken on board and I was intrigued as to what his thoughts were of this mainstream Hybrid and how much interest he was getting.

He told me he’s been getting a great reaction so far for his inaugural Hybrid fuel car. He goes on to say that the Prius was a car he “didn’t want to like”, because of its association with celebrities vocally reducing their carbon footprint which led to an irrational dislike for it. However having used it on his daily commute (involving the dreaded A406)and experiencing the 60mpg , £15 per year road tax and free entry to the London congestion zone (if he needed a quick shimmy down a rat run) and the tranquil silence whilst in battery mode, which he describes a definite road rage reducer, he is now totally seduced buy “this city car of the future”.

This coming from a dyed in the wool motor trader who has probably driven every car going is praise indeed.

From our own point of view we think that the Prius ticks so many boxes for todays motorist that it simply shouldn’t be ignored. That’s not to say it’s for everyone, let’s face it, it’s not a “drivers” car but in addition to what’s already been mentioned it should be noted that the advanced aerodynamics play their part in making the Prius highly efficient. Toyota took great pains to lower the body’s drag when moving through air; the smooth sleak lines help to reduce drag and cut back on fuel costs, having a drag coefficient number of 0.26 – quite low for the type of car. Add to that low carbon dioxide emissions (104g/km), meaning low company car tax bills, and exemption from London’s congestion charge, and this car should be a cost-effective family or fleet purchase as well as a technological showcase. it’s also got a well-equipped, roomy cabin and a five star Euro ncap safety rating. However on the downside it can be noisy on the motorway and, of course will lack performance in certain conditions but it is certainly the type of car more and more people will be considering, there’s no doubt about that.

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