Ross, Brand and Sachs – what recession?

Thank God, some sort of order has returned to the country. In the face of job losses, house price depreciation, high fuel costs, house repossessions, the credit crunch and the banking crisis it’s good to know that the headlines have been completely taken over by the furore surrounding the suspended (and probably shortly sacked) Jonathan Ross and Russell Brand.
I was heartened to observe that the economic gloom must have lifted by the fact that Gordon Brown (closely followed by David Cameron) has now personally intervened in this terrible crisis that is now gripping the nation. We can only thank Andrew Sachs and his promiscuous grand-daughter for moving the triviality of a recession to the middle pages in favour of a story which surely touches all of us. I for one feel a little bit better about the country knowing that these people will receive their just desserts. Poor Ross must be beside himself at the prospect of losing his multi-million pound salary, how will he ever make ends meet?

Getting back to reality; this month, thankfully customers have been returning to the showrooms and appreciating the special deals on offer and will be able to watch as they continue up to year end.

The situation with new car sales however remains as tough as I have ever seen it; indeed a colleague who has been selling new cars of many different brands for the last 30 years admits he has never seen it so bad. But the good news is that, as we have seen, many manufacturers of these cars are very well funded globally and are in the world’s most valuable brand list which we posted about recently. This means that the deals will shortly be flowing thick and fast and over the next few weeks and months we intend to publish any little gems that we come across in order for you to check out, be they a massive discount, a genuine 0% finance deal or a service and maintenance package which ensures value for money motoring for the next few years.

I figure that by banging the drum for the trade and encouraging them to raise the bar cars will keep being sold and fixed and funded and hopefully some customers who could only dream about owning a certain car may find that they can now afford it.

I have to go now as there is a news update on the Ross, Brand & Sachs crisis.

Sounds like an investment bank, perhaps there is a link after all!

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