Spreading the cost of car servicing

service plans
Could be good news in these days of cost savings and tight budgets, there are some manufacturers offering service plans on their cars which will allow customers to pay a fixed monthly payment over an agreed term in order to spread the 3 yr servicing costs.

So if a car service costs on average £200 a time at £17 per month it would seem to be a manageable solution to avoiding large immediate expenditure and as long as there are no interest payments added (as with some service and maintenance plans) this would be a great way of ensuring customer loyalty and retention and surely entice more customers to sign up.

This is all sounds great but as a customer you still need to be aware that this would be for servicing costs only not those dreaded “add-ons” such as brake discs and pad sets.

When a manufacturer can come up with a way of factoring these expensive, non warranty items, into a manageable monthly payment then we really will sit up and take notice!

Budget for servicing and watch out for dealer offers within the next few months.

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