Talking Motors? Talking nonsense!

talking motors insider clown
Now I’ve nothing against the “Insider”, we even share the same name…(although I’ll think you’ll find we were posting first) however, it’s just that I find it confusing to say the least when this “Insider” wastes their time posting about stuff that really isn’t current, relevant or even, dare I say it, interesting. Isn’t the news that Inchcape have started laying people off (yes I did say Inchcape) far more important than the drivel they’re talking about? Anyway judge for yourself…Talking Motors “Insider”.

This person is obviously bored out of their mind talking about all kinds of conspiracy theories. As ever the vast majority of organisations want the best deal for the motorist and maybe their are some extreme views from some nutters but what organisation can claim that they dont have extreme elements? All I know is that what’s really important at this time is peoples livlehoods and job security.

These are real people doing real jobs in the industry not some make believe clever dick.
All I hope is that this “Insider” is working very hard at whatever job they are in so redunancy doesn’t knock on their door in the near future and wipe the smugness from their face.

I didn’t want to say it but if you want to stay on the “inside” stick with us….

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