Time to cut the motor trade some slack?

Reading the news item “Vehicle traders call for action as slump goes on” it is certainly consistent with what we at MTI have been saying for a long while, if the government are happy to borrow their way out of this downturn then some of it should go towards the beleaguered car sector.

Across the board in manufacturing fixing and selling but most especially in selling new cars the industry is taking a terrible battering but who is listening? The Brown administration is only ready to help when the voice is too loud to ignore, but the motor trade organisations in this country are toothless and quiet when we need action to protect jobs across the industry.

The motor trade is probably now a market leader in making cars greener for our children’s children and beyond, what industry does more to try and cut emissions than the car manufacturers when factories across the world still billow out gasses at an unchecked rate and aeroplanes continue to increase their activity around the world but still no-one speaks for our trade. Every day now we are getting reports of job losses and potential closures of showrooms. One must remember when comparing the motor business to the house market that a house historically always go up again in value, whereas most cars devalue monthly and considering that they are the 2nd largest purchase most consumers will make the situation will eventually affect most people who use a car for any reason in this country.

There are some great businesses out there who are absolutely committed to programmes of continued customer care, and first class service and who are investing time and great expense in ensuring that their staff delivers this vision. Surely they deserve some support in these difficult times and this government can start by abolishing these hideous new RFL changes and give everybody a break.

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One Response to Time to cut the motor trade some slack?

  1. Tuner November 24, 2008 at 5:45 am #

    I think besides the fact that people cannot afford to purchase new vehicles, we have reached a point that there is a saturation of vehicles on the market and new car dealers can only sell soo much cars.

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