Venezuela, at least you know when you’re being robbed!

Venezuela has its problems that’s for sure, there’s the constant risk of armed street crime, carjacking, robberies on buses, kidnappings and believe it or not pamphlets impregnated with potent and disorienting drugs given out to tourists at shopping centre’s! But they are certainly leading the way on climate change, apparently drivers who dispose of their gas guzzlers over there will get a free eco car from the government, now that’s what I call encouragement.

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez says that he plans to start the program next year that will see the government give away cars running on less-polluting natural gas to citizens who turn in older, more polluting, less economical cars. The left-wing leader also said he’ll even throw in a year of free fuel! With the price of petrol in oil rich Venezuela standing at roughly only 2p a litre we might presume that they could afford to rest on their laurels a bit longer but not the forward-thinking Venezuelans’! However they didn’t say what sort of cars will be offered or how many will be given out.

Contrast this with our own miserable leaders who have decided that we haven’t quite got enough misery in our lives and have cleverly found another way of battering the motorist by deciding that we should pay a 43% increase in charges to have our broken down cars recovered from the motorway.

Although there is less chance of being car-jacked at gunpoint here the cost of having a car stored has risen by 40% and drivers of crashed cars that need moving face bills of up to £300 nearly triple what they are now, which is another form of robbery. It is just tax after tax; will this shameless government ever stop stealth taxing us? As usual of course who will be most hard hit? Drivers of older cars who cannot necessarily afford to change making them more susceptible to break downs meaning the poorest drivers paying most.

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