Bad news from inside the factory

Our man inside the factory is reporting tough times on the production lines with output slowed to an all time low in some places. Four day weeks are becoming commonplace as production is down by up to a half. There is doom and gloom on the front line with, in some cases, whole families working at one factory and certain towns which support car making plants reliant on their success for their very futures.
The four day week is currently being supported and some manufacturers are continuing to pay production staff with the promise of making time up when things start to pick up. The worrying thing from some workers point of view is that the factories my relocate to save money and enable manufacturers to produce cheaper cars in order to re-ignite a stagnant new car market. This would clearly be devastating for thousands of car factory workers and their families.
Let’s hope that recent government action on re-energizing the banking sector is duplicated with some real incentives to breathe life into new car sales in the UK which are currently lower than in living memory.

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