Dealers out of pocket from January

An important piece of new legislation regarding tax refunds is coming into effect in January 09.
Only the registered keeper (the name on the log book) or last recorded keeper of a vehicle will be entitled to claim a Road Fund Licence (RFL) refund. When you go to part exchange your current vehicle the dealer would usually value your car with the tax included. This was then claimed back by the dealer and as you can imagine with the number of vehicles involved and an average of approx £12 per full month left on the disc this could potentially be quite an income stream. No more, however from January onwards you will need to retain the disc and send to the DVLA yourself go to for more info and the relevant forms required to carry out this task. Remember it might not be much but if you have more than 3 months to claim its better in your pocket, it may buy you your fuel for a week or maybe more if you’re lucky!

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