Greedy banks, lay-offs and the future of motor manufacturing

We bought you news of job losses at Nissan last week, more skilled workers are lost to manufacturing, and we fear that this could be the start of the rolling stone as job cuts continue. All eyes will be on Honda, Ford, Vauxhall etc to see if they follow suit, with pressure building on the government to offer a fraction of the support they gave the banking industry we can only hope that the job losses will be minimal. The problem is that for every new statistic there is a human story behind it, imagine having worked in a car factory for 30 years, enjoyed it, worked hard to produce quality cars (and we have some of the most efficient plants in the world) only to find that because the numbers suddenly don’t add up, and nothing to do with sub-standard work or out of date practises, you have just become another statistic.

When you hear that despite interest rates being the lowest they’ve ever been the banks are still reluctant to lend to people in order to stimulate the economy, because make no mistake they hold the keys to recovery. If they start trading properly and doing what they are supposed to do workers may just hang onto their jobs. The ironic point about what is happening to the motor manufacturing industry is that just as it leads the way in best practice and modern working systems, it could still all end in meltdown.

Factories are not making workers redundant because they are not efficient and normal every day folk are on the dole queue because of someone else’s ineptitude and greed. Who are you bought up not to trust? Used car salesmen and estate agents, why not add a bunch of greedy bankers to that list, especially if you ask for some short term help with your overdraft when you are searching for another job and need assistance with your household bills!

The greedy mis-management of the banking industry is the root cause of the massive problems facing UK car manufacturing and it’s the banks who hold the key to it’s survival.

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