Used car dealers and auctions on the crest of a wave

They are on a roll! Franchised dealers, independent and the auction houses are reporting record sales. The auctions we visited were so busy they were parking 3 deep on the surrounding roads and the girls in the canteen were running out of bacon! As we have predicted this could lead to prices on used cars actually rising as demand starts to outweigh supply and it will be interesting to see if car dealers will continue selling in the volumes they have thus far when this happens or whether they will have to adjust their retail pricing in the knowledge that suddenly they may not find ready replacements for their retail stock.

Will the knock on effect mean a ray of light for manufacturers with customers again turning their attention to new cars if there are competitive offers to be looked at and the choice is greater than on used car equivalents? All we know is that some motor trade contacts we spoke with say this year is the busiest start they have had for 10 years, and that’s quite a statement when you consider the current economic climate.

So where are all the customers coming from and will they keep coming through the remainder of the year? No one can safely predict what’s next, but you can guarantee that when any change occurs MTI will be on hand to offer any ‘heads up’ and so far the selling patterns we have predicted seem to be happening, so if it’s going to happen were going to tell you about it so keep reading!

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One Response to Used car dealers and auctions on the crest of a wave

  1. Mark Robbins January 15, 2009 at 7:25 pm #

    Come on guys, tell us all just where in the country you have been visiting? record sales? packed Auctions? demand outstripping supply? Actual living breathing customers? Please Please, tell me where this is and i along with countless of my colleages will move our car sites there tommorow, down here in the south east corner (Essex to be precise) we have a record number of dealers selling ZERO stock, in fact its the worst on record for this area !!

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