Bargain of the Week – Cosworth Mercedes 190E

Good grief! where have the last seven days gone? Here I am again reporting on having been on the lookout for another weekly bargain. To be honest, there’s been so many offers that this week in particular, I’ve found it somewhat difficult to narrow down the list. Having fulfilled my own desire on the last outing (my Subaru Impreza) I obviously wasn’t so focused on the quest to find a suitable set of wheels as the next family taxi. My search this time around hasn’t been so clouded.

My weekly search begins with a strong brew and look at the local rags – you’ll be surprised what lurks in the classifieds. In particular, I found a super 1988 Mercedes 190E 16-valve for just £2,600. It caught my eye not only because it was a rare 2.5-litre Cosworth model and at a reasonable price but also the fact that it had only covered 50,000 miles from new. The current owner happened to be high up in the music business and bought it back in the booming 80s. Because of his job, lots of worldwide travel has prevented him from using it to its full potential and it’s been sat around, not doing much for the last 13 years. Maintained at all costs, it’s a rare find especially as most have over 140,000 miles on the clock and are still strong at £3,500. But alas, as tempted as I was, the search will continue.

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