Nissan offer help to dealers – we think

Now’s not the time for corporate nonsense. Nissan have announced in a press release that they are “implementing a programme to support its dealer network through the economic downturn” (full article here).
Well that all sounds good and positive until you try and decipher what in practical terms they are actually going to do.

Please read the following statement by Richard Clark, Manager of the new “Business Planning and Quality Department” at Nissan UK;

“The purpose of the new function is to provide the dealers with in-depth support in operational and financial performance. This is being carried out through an in-depth financial and operational diagnostic driven primarily by the composite reporting structure and the use of a high level business planning tool which will ensure alignment of the dealer and Nissan Motor (GB) Limited’s business plans.”


This summary published on TalkingMotors would strike fear in the heart of any car dealer;

“The team will work with the dealers to develop mid-term business plans which will not only help to ensure they stay viable and profitable, but also highlight areas that need improvement.”

As if things weren’t bad enough!

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One Response to Nissan offer help to dealers – we think

  1. steve walsh March 27, 2009 at 6:18 pm #

    typical management BS why dont they talk in plain english and tell us what they plan to do to help!!!

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