Henry Ford’s grandson tells it like it is

As Britain braces itself for the budget tomorrow and the car business holds its collective breath for some much needed assistance from this calamitous government, over in the states whilst all about him are losing their heads (well their jobs at least) the great grandson of Henry Ford, Bill is actually quite excited about the future of the car industry.

Ford, the only one of the so-called “big 3” (General Motors and Chrysler being the other 2) who didn’t accept government bailout funds, believe that when the dust settles and workers within the industry accept that the revolution has happened, they will be well placed to take car making into the new green future. What this means is developing the European system of clean diesel until they are better placed to produce electric cars.

Who would have ever thought that the Exexutive Chairman and grandson of the man that started it all would be the one campaigning for the changes that are not only necessary but simply inevitable for car making in the coming years?

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