It’s still not over at MG Rover

You have to wonder sometimes how we British keep our heads when surely sometimes it would be far more satisfying to completely lose them and blame the people responsible. At a timewhen the car business in the UK is lobbying the government on releasing tax payer money to breathe much needed life into it, there is the ridiculous, on-going saga of why MG Rover collapsed in 2005 and what was the role of certain directors in buying the company from BMW for a nominal amount in 2000. With the “forensic inquiry” costs running at £14m and counting the taxpayer surely has the right to know when there will be some answers and more importantly will anyone be brought to account if indeed it turns out there was any wrong doing. How hard can it be? Do the accountants and all the hangers on do it deliberately to rack up the bill? Are they like a football team that’s one nil up in a cup game and the keeper takes fifteen minutes to take a goal kick? Are we all being made mugs of?

If the current climate for non-accountability is set to continue then why not just quit now and concentrate on saving jobs and putting the effort and finances into today’s challenges and not making the already rich lawyers and accountants richer still. On the other hand perhaps they will be in the market for a new Mercedes (well it certainly would never have been a Rover!) when the dust settles on this sorry tale so some lucky dealer might get some good out of it.

Are we the only people who believe that whatever the findings of this report turn out to be it’s not going to help anyone now?

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