More women feeling confident in the car showroom

In the motor trade down the years, one of the situations guaranteed to spook a car salesman is when a customer calls a halt to negotiations by declaring that before he makes a decision he must first consult his wife. There have been many techniques passed down to combat this, though thankfully most have been confined to history. There are still some of the more ‘old school’ sales people who will try mind tricks such as saying; ‘‘Oh your wife makes all the major decisions does she sir” designed to try and question the buyers manhood, or…‘‘Why don’t we just call her and tell her what we have agreed on” which is basically designed to indicate that her opinion doesn’t count anyway in the macho men’s world of car sales!

One of the more positive improvements we’ve seen in recent times is that women are taking much more interest in the whole car buying process and in lots of cases are actually the ones responsible for instigating the whole thing.

It is actually refreshing for car dealers to have couples and families present during the showroom; it ensures that the car making decision can be reached with agreement from all sides and therefore less chance of the wrong choice being made and all the ensuing problems this causes for everyone.

The other improvements, according to many dealers we asked, is that there are now more women than ever buying cars independently without the need to have relatives or friends accompany them to a showroom. This must surely indicate that significant progress has been made in breaking the male dominated arena of the car showroom.

Whilst things are not perfect and there are still too many customers, including women, lacking the confidence or trust to visit a car showroom, there is no denying that women buyers are on the march and dealers would be well advised to treat them accordingly.

Dealers who use questionable tactics should understand that the internet has created a level playing field and misleading people and attempting to pull the wool over the eyes of any potential car buyer, male or female, is a shady practice that should be confined to the dark ages of the trade.

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3 Responses to More women feeling confident in the car showroom

  1. Mark Robbins April 11, 2009 at 11:25 pm #

    Asking the wifes permission to buy a car is a bit like handing over your paypacket at the end of the month, before you know it you’re be making the beds and doing the washing !

  2. malcolm April 13, 2009 at 10:18 pm #

    women car buyers beware– rude and offensive salesmen, my sons wife needs a new car has a 5 series bmw which she has had for 6 years,she has never bought a car herself someone has bought on her behalf .choice was merc clk cabriolet.merc advertise car on finance plan £339 per month she is paying for car herself it was decided she negotiate the deal herself “”eastern mercedes””
    newbridge, edinburgh was the chosen dealer. spoke to sales person who was very helpful with details of cars test drive etc.she said i will buy the car.. sales person consulted the garage know all quote from him!!!! there are none of that model available we only have cars with leather seats etc and the payment will be £441 per month.quote same person mercedes advertise these cars and their advertising is out of date –date of visit saturday 11th april 2009. im sure MB will be interested in this article. as a footnote i saw in the showroom a demo cl500 coupe which i was very interested in buying it was nearly 5 pm sat afternoon showroom closes 5 pm “”enough said “”

  3. Becky B April 17, 2009 at 10:15 am #

    Are there really men out there that would fall for that old balony? Any man that can be controlled so easily by that sort of arrogant sales approach is never going to be able to decide what shirt to wear let alone what car to buy. What about the fact that the customer may just be using the ‘talk to the wife line’ as a chance to gather he’s thoughts on the buying decision? The salesman is being lazy as he doesn’t want to let him go and have to follow him up. You are right this type of controlled bully selling is well an truly stuck in the 1980’s where it belongs but I think you’ll find even now its still quite common. If I heard any sales person male of female trying something that pathetic on me then I’d tell them where to get off and I’m not alone!! Come old school pathetic ‘mind trick’ salespeople change the old long playing boring record! We’re not as stupid as you sound!!

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