Scrappage scheme and V5 forgeries

As if the scrappage scheme isn’t attracting enough lukewarm publicity for dealers, now according to HPI (Scrappage scheme scam warning) it could also be the target of fraudsters. Whilst there has in past years been evidence of V5 theft, recently there have been fewer reported cases, however it is feared that some opportunist criminals will try to take advantage of the scheme and get round the rules of having to have owned a qualifying car for at least a year by forging the registration documents to obtain the £2,000 discount on a new car.

Hold on a second what thief do you know could be bothered to go to all this aggravation to buy a new car when he could just go in and negotiate with one of the many struggling car manufacturers and easily obtain a £2,000 discount anyway?! Unless we’re missing something a thief taking the risk of forging or stealing documents would want a far greater reward than £2k off the price of a new car, so we suspect some brightspark in the HPI marketing department has thought up a way of generating some publicity.

Anyway it got us talking about it!

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