DVLA 5 days grace on tax disc – who wants to put it to the test?

After years of telling people that failing to display a valid tax disc will make them liable for a fine, it seems that if you order your tax disc online and provided you do so before the old one expires you can, in fact, drive your car legally for up to 5 days before your new disc must be displayed.

“A change in legislation from 1 September 2008 will provide for a five-day period of grace from the requirement to display a tax disc only where that disc is purchased online, by phone or by post. This will apply to the first 5 working days of the month in which the disc commences and will only apply where the vehicle is continuously licensed.” – DVLA – Improved Customer Service

In order to not fall foul of lurking petty officialdom it will probably be advisable to display the old disc until the new one arrives. It’s a small piece of good news if you follow the procedures and a policeman or woman approaches, attempts to issue you with a ticket and you are able to inform them, quite firmly but politely, of the rules. Probably best to steer clear of the “why aren’t you out catching proper criminals” line, by all accounts the police don’t like that.

It may also be advisable to print confirmation of the online transaction to produce as evidence, should you be met by the particularly overzealous variety of law enforcement that may seek to administer a robust blast of pepper spray rather than listen to reasoned argument!

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One Response to DVLA 5 days grace on tax disc – who wants to put it to the test?

  1. CLIVE BARKER January 29, 2012 at 5:53 pm #

    I have tried all this week commencing Mon 23 January 2012 to purchase my tax disc on line DVLA say I am not insured,wich I am.Lloyds TSB insurance confirmed this
    but because it is due to expire on the same date as the road tax they can`t obviously notify DVLA of renewal until after the road tax expires,so I can`t obtain a tax disc.DVLA told me go to the post office and pay it the old way but Lloyds TSB won`t post my certificate till after my tax disc expires.I told a DVLA rep on friday I have not had this problem before(same car same date renewals she said nothing I can do anything else I can do for you have a nice day.It seems to me Lloyds TSB,DVLA & modern computerized technology have tied themselves in a knot & buried their heads,is this not encouraging people to break the law,but then if I did being a motorist the law would say this is no excuse,maybe not but I have done everything I can to pay my road tax this week,seems good honest citizens are ignored these days THANK YOU.

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