Is it possible to get carbon neutral car insurance?

If you are one of the increasing number of people who are seriously concerned about the environment and the effect we are having on the global climate, driving a car can pose something of a dilemma. Even with the most eco-friendly model, driven as carefully as possible, you still produce quite a hefty dose of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Admittedly, this is adding to the emissions from a whole lot more people but you do have some responsibility for climate change and the disturbances in weather patterns that this appears to be causing in the long term.

A carbon neutral car may be a way off yet, but it is already possible to buy car insurance from an eco-friendly insurance company at a good price to do your bit for the planet. There are several green car insurance companies around and most provide a car insurance quote online through some of the major car insurance comparison sites. It still pays to be compare car insurance quotes and make sure you aren’t paying through the nose for your car insurance cover, no matter how green it is.

The great thing about green car insurance companies is that some also buy carbon offsets so that, as a company, they are completely, carbon neutral. Some of them, such as actually allow their customers to purchase carbon offsets to offset their carbon emissions from motoring for a whole year making their driving more eco-friendly plus they donate £5 to an eco charity of the customers choice – how’s that for green car insurance

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