VW Tiguan embraces people power

VW have come up with an intriguing marketing and PR campaign for their compact SUV the Tiguan. They’re holding a competition – or “online reality show” as they put it – to find a budding car critic and turn them into a professional car reviewer. The idea, in the words of the PR firm behind the concept, is to recruit a new kind of car critic: a straight-talking, charismatic man or woman to review the Tiguan from a real-world perspective and create a short video review of their experience with car. The competition will take place over the next two months with the winner being decided in early September based on a popular vote with the best reviewer (as voted on by an online audience) driving off with the new Tiguan they reviewed.

The nine contestants will have the Tiguan to test drive for a week. The cars will be fully equipped with cameras and microphones to create a professional reviewing experience. Also the nine chosen will be capturing and sharing their experience with world via their own personal blogs, YouTube videos and Tweets.

The voting takes place on the People’s Reviewer site and everyone that votes also has a chance to win some great prizes, including a weekend in Venice.
So far more than 1000 people have submitted their ideas to put the Tiguan through its paces and this week the first three contestants were selected. The other six will be chosen in the coming days so there’s still time to enter if you fancy yourself a People’s Reviewer (closing date is 9th July).

We’ll keep you posted on developments.

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