VW Tiguan – The People’s Reviewer – Week three – update

In a neck and neck race between Johnny Hindle and Di Coke it’s congratulations to Johnny who has come out on top as the winner of group 2 of the Peoples Reviewer challenge, his towing stunt finally winning over the voters. He now moves on to the final to face Group 1 winner Eric Banton.

To decide who else will join them in the final The People’s Reviewer contest rolls on this week with the final trio of reviewers, the Group 3 contestants. Voting has now commenced on the relative merits of the reviews by Kaela Marshall, a residential childcare worker from the Manchester area, children’s charity worker Harriet Gore from Lancashire and fireman Peter Selous Jones from the Eastbourne area.

Kaela Marshall recruited a friend to take the compact SUV to the English coast. She hitched up a horse box to the Tiguan and transported “Corrie,” a lovely show horse, to the beach to have some fun. (As we reported last week, Kaela is expecting her first baby so her friend Kathy did all the riding.) Of course, a trip to the beach means one thing: a dirty car. Kaela had that covered too. She later recruited her girlfriends to come round and give the car a thorough washing. It was the first Tiguan bikini car wash of the competition (that we know of).

Harriet Gore, was busy making the final preparations for her trip to Romania. She is raising money for a children’s charity, Romanian Relief. She took the Tiguan on tour around Lancashire and into North Wales to raise money and awareness for the charity which serves under-privileged children in Romania. While on the way, she visited Caernarfon Castle in North Wales.

Peter Selous Jones took the Tiguan on a late-night emergency call, which he filmed and posted to YouTube. A few hours later, Peter and his wife drove to the Devon coast, visiting the Pevensey Castle along the way.

Voting is under way right now for the Group 3 reviewers.

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