The 1000th article

The 1000th article
If you check out our archives page you’ll see that this is MTIs 1000th article and it perhaps offers an appropriate time for some reflection. When you position yourself as a link between the buyer and the seller it is vitally important to try and be as fair as possible. If we have believed some practice or policy has been wrong we have made it clear, and if there have been some positive stories it has been just as important to highlight them. Ironically the growing readership of MTI is roughly split straight down the middle. The exact division, between the people in the trade and the people whoare interested either in cars or good deals, which we aim to bridge. As our site carries on evolving we will continue to bring you some juicy insider tips and gossip and an important barometer of the trade but also focus on the improvements in the way buyers are being treated and the accessibility of the latest up to date information.

In a shrinking car market there is bound to be more competition for business and as more car makers join the fray and bring more exciting innovative, affordable products to market this choice will clearly benefit the consumer. We believe strongly that the future of car sales will be intrinsically linked to the internet. We have observed how the Americans are still streets ahead in their internet buying habits and their car dealers much slicker in their web marketing. It is still an arguable point whether we will ever see the complete eradication of car showrooms in favour of the web and, in fairness, with the vast sums involved and the emotional attachment to cars there must be room for both. Customers wishing to save money at all costs with the confidence to go through the whole buying process on line can do so right now but those who enjoy the whole experience of searching, comparing, driving and choosing can also continue to do so in ever improving showrooms and with hopefully better staff.

There is still a long way to go in getting the balance right between great products, great service and a fair price that ensures profitable trading. Sadly the fact that there are still so many complaints about the motor trade means that communication needs to improve and attitudes need to change.

If the ultimate aim of MTI is to give valuable assistance to potential buyers whether that is just advice on the process of car buying or to ensure that they can save money, not get ripped off and be able to buy the right car the first time then we will have succeeded. On the other hand if we can encourage those in the trade to provide a better experience for customers and ultimately sell more cars, more profitably as a result of best practices then we will have attained nirvana.

We are as passionate as our readership and although we have not always had universal agreement to everything we have said, all our ‘insiders’ speak from personal experience and from an active position within the trade. We have no vested interest other than to bring the truth to the table.

The scrappage scheme has probably been the most radical thing to happen to the trade since the registration changes and there is no doubt it has given a real shot in the arm to this motor trade business. It has also demonstrated that by giving the right incentives, and getting the message across, there are still many people who want to buy cars and long may this continue.

We hope that over the course of the next 1000 articles we can demonstrate our commitment and passion to ‘keeping it real’ and expanding our site yet more. We have grown at a staggering rate since the beginning and over the next few months we hope to bring many more interesting and informative articles to the fore. We also hope to bring on board even more insiders to assist us in our aim to become an authority on all things motor trade.

We would like to thank our readers, subscribers and those who have contributed and commented as everyone has played an active role in the ongoing success of this site.

Here’s to the next 1000 articles and the bright future of the car business, we’re off down the pub!

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