VW Tiguan – The People’s Reviewer – Final voting

VW Tiguan – The People’s Reviewer – Final voting
After nearly two months of heats which have seen the “People’s Reviewers” test drive the Volkswagen Tiguan across the length and breadth of the UK it was time for the grand final which brought together the heat winners, 39 year old Eric Banton from London, 41 year old Johnny Hindle from Dorset and 33 year old Harriet Gore from preston, for a full day of competition starting at Silverstone racing circuit.

With a Tiguan each the People’s Reviewers set out with Harriet Gore the first to take the plunge, pressing her ignition key to reveal the car that would help her with the challenge that awaited – a day navigating the streets of Oxford to find three locations by interpreting cryptic clues. Harriet had never been to Oxford before and doubted even the Tiguan’s technology was going to help solve these riddles, but was obviously game to give it a go.

Next up was Johnny Hindle, who learned he was off to a nearby farm. His instructions warned “It could get dirty”, but that was hardly any deterrent for the man who had always been keen to push the Tiguan to its limits. Little did he know there would be sheep involved.

Finally, Eric Banton was to spend the day testing the Tiguan at the track, with expert instruction from professional driver Phil, or – as Eric described him – “my own personal Stig”.

How did the reviewers fare and who should be crowned the People’s Reviewer (and walk away with a new Tiguan for their trouble)?

Visit the People’s Reviewer.com and cast your vote now.

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