Bulk deals could lead to used car bargains before the year end

It’s that time of year when promotions and sales are plentiful and car dealers are looking to ensure that this traditionally quiet time of year is stabilised by some good deals the function of which is to attempt to keep the volume steady until the rich pickings of January arrive.

Large dealer groups will be encouraging their used car buyers to negotiate on large wholesale deals which will often lead to the acquisition of thousands of cheap cars. Although, this year, that kind of volume will not necessarily be available because of the seasonal downturn, there will still be dealers looking to gain a big price advantage by buying in bulk. Don’t bank on these dealers necessarily transferring all those savings onto customers however.

Our advice if you are looking to buy before the New Year – and we suggest this would be a good time – then it will certainly be worthwhile, if responding to a sales promotion, to simply ask for a better deal than that advertised.

If it is being marketed as a volume purchase “special” and there are many of the same models being offered you can be reasonably sure that there could be potentially thousands of pounds cheaper than if they had been purchased under normal market conditions.

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