Car Makers Premier League – October 2009

This month’s Car Makers Premier League (based on the SMMT figures for UK new car registrations in October 2009) is on the whole displaying just varying degrees of good news, which, let’s face it, is a very welcome change.

Overall the market was up 31.6 percent with a total of 168,942 units being registered in the month. In October 2008 as the recession really started to bite the market was already 23 percent down on the previous year so the surge in registrations needs to be looked at in perspective.

In the “Car Makers Premier League” each month we take the top twenty manufacturers by new cars registered and take a closer look at each manufacturers performance and this month it’s been another excellent month for the Hyundai Kia Automotive Group with both its UK brands firmly ensconced in the top two positions with a whopping 287 percent increase on October 2008 for Hyundai and 157 percent increase for Kia. Clearly the Scrappage scheme is having a massive impact on sales for these small car specialists. In third position (up from 8 last month) is Fiat who are also doing very well from the scrappage incentive.

Surprisingly at position five this month (down from 3 last month) is Land Rover. I say surprising because they only registered 33 cars under scrappage in October but still managed a 101 percent increase in sales and in its way is probably the most impressive performance this month.

All told the top 12 manufacturers all outperformed the market and all but one of the top twenty manufacturers increasing registrations on October last year. The only fly in the ointment was Vauxhall and even they were down only 0.3 percent and it would appear that they are still suffering somewhat from the uncertainty surrounding the future of the brand. Special credit this month must go to Renault who leave behind the tag of perennial whipping boys and shoot up to position 6 with an impressive 95 percent increase

Bad news this month for VW too who, despite shifting 9,344 units through the scrappage scheme, could only manage a less than 1 percent increase on October 2008. In fact if we imagine that the scrappage scheme never got off the ground then the biggest loser by far would be VW with a massive 20 percent drop on last year.

None of us in the trade really want to think about a world without scrappage do we?

POSManufacturerOctober 2008October 2009Diff%
1(1) 185671795323287
2(2) 219556333438157
3(8) 302065703550118
4(4) 335069793629108
5(3) 128325841301101
6(17) 43288438411095
7(11) 23404557221795
8(5) 24614122166167
9(7) 18863120123465
10(20) 38605985212555
11(12) 58868136225038
12(16) 66929078238636
13(13) 49676454148730
14(9) 2921339847716
15(19) 6387717879112
16(06) 2130923454214510
17(10) 428444902065
19(15) 1170111777761
20(18) 1942219364(58)(0.3)

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One Response to Car Makers Premier League – October 2009

  1. davie cooper November 5, 2009 at 7:30 pm #

    land rover have done well because they have had that 50% deposit nothing to pay for 2 years deal!

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