Calling the market will be just as hard in 2010

As expected the rush has kicked in. Many dealers have decided to give their hardworking staff a good break this year which has only led to a condensing of activity as the doors were flung open yesterday morning. Having now realised that there is actually more to life than red wine and rich food, I was actually quite delighted when I switched on the phone and wound up the laptop to encounter a hive of activity. Whether its customers who are fed up with having so much time off, or the bargain hunters, or possibly buyers who are just looking to save the VAT the tills are ringing. We say it every year, and this year is no exception, but there are buyers looking to buy and sellers wanting to sell and, of course, that’s a perfect combination. I can’t help feeling that this year the need to get the year off to a good start will be more vital than ever. From a used car buyers point of view it maybe best to enjoy and appreciate the deal you get now and try not to worry that the car you buy maybe cheaper in a couple of months time because trust me calling the way the market will go will be equally as tough this year as it was last year. By the time the guys doing the auctions have reported back we will at least be able to keep everybody up to date with how the market is currently reacting and it will probably be a changeable one like the rest of the world’s economy.

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