Top 5 scrappage cars that didn’t deserve the crusher

With the scrappage scheme coming to an end soon, we've scoured the country and asked our fellow traders to find out if there were any part-exchanges that just seemed too good for the jaws of the crusher. The results were surprising to say the least. It's not a bad thing getting an old-ruster of the roads for good but as we found out there were plenty which would have been perfect for the forecourt but instead their owners were eager to take advantage of the £2000-plus scrappage deal. Where the owners just too keen to get a new car and not realise just what a prized possession they had? Out of hundreds of scrappers sent in, we've narrowed it down to just five. OK, so some might deserve their fate but with low mileages and generally one-owner cars on the list it was a crime to see these carted off to the end of the line. Are these cars worthy to keep the pages of Autotrader full every week, or best left for the crusher? Let us know if you agree. Number 5: 1989 Ford Sierra V6 Ghia 4x4 Estate. 1989 Ford Sierra V6 Ghia 4x4 Estate OK, we haven't started our top five with a dream car but the V6 4X4 Ghia estate back in '89 was one of the most expensive Sierra's to buy. Try and find one today in almost pristine condition and you'll be onto a winner. As cheap estates go, the V6 Sierra is still regarded as a good car especially in 4x4 spec. Get one with all the toys working and rust free and you‘ll happily forget forking out ten-grand on a modern day equivalent. They're still regarded as a decent Q-car, and that's its appeal, but this 42,000 mile example was, according to the dealer, in perfect condition. Closer inspection on the ramp revealed a rust-free example and the interior was almost like new. With three owners on its V5 it could have retailed for around £2,500 but instead it's probably stripped bare of parts right now, shame. Number 4: 1995 Jaguar XJ6 3.2 Auto. 1995 Jaguar XJ6 3.2 Auto Already featured in our Bargain of The Week series, a tidy and straight XJ6 is still such a sought after car. Obviously not this one. With just 32,000 miles and one owner from new, the dealer in question couldn't figure out why the owner wanted to send this off to be crushed when in fact it could have been sold privately for around two and a half grand. It was one of the best looked after used cars the dealer had seen in over twenty years and would have offered to buy it if it had not been for the scrappage rules. "It was absolutely perfect and I'm sad to see it go" said the trader. XJ6's of this mileage and condition are hard to come by but the owner obviously didn't realise. Let’s hope he is enjoying his new car. Number 3: 1988 BMW 320i Convertible. 1988 BMW 320i Convertible From Rover to BMW, wasn't there a connection ten years ago? Anyway, the E30 in my view is the best BMW out there. Classic, stylish and desirable. OK, so the two-litre straight six wasn't the most powerful engine to have but the silky transition between right foot and exhaust note is still pretty special even today. Most prefer the two-point-five, but like the two-litre; they are just as hard to get hold of. Seeing this 320 convertible going off to be scrapped should be against the law. The dealer told me it was a one owner car with just 66,000 miles and no expense was spared in its up keep. Rust free and in showroom condition, some lucky souls have rich pickings for spares if it doesn't end up as a four-by-four foot cube. Number 2: 1997 AUDI A4 2.8 Quattro Avant. 1997 AUDI A4 2.8 Quattro Avant From desirable to practical. Even with 150,000 miles, these trusty A4's still find new homes. Stylish in some ways, the Avant is a great choice between badge status and affordable motoring. The V6's drink fuel like a thirsty dog drinks water, but in my view are the most desirable. A family of four and thirsty dog in toe would easily cope with one of these as a daily driver even though they seem to depreciate like gravity itself. This particular A4 has covered just 47,000 miles with full Audi service history and has been extremely well looked after. So why scrap it? Some might prefer to see this sitting precariously on top of other wrecks in the yard but for just £895 it's a crime not to give it one last swansong. Number 1: 1990 Toyota Supra Turbo 1990 Toyota Supra Turbo Yes, we know: This car sums up the 90's perfectly; when Japanese car makers were dominating the market and showing everyone else how to make a proper sports car. With its pokey turbocharged engine, the likes of any rival at the time you could think of just couldn't match the Supra's credentials. Manual's were far more desirable and have become the hardest to get hold today but if you can put up with the ropey 4-speed auto with overdrive any high-mileage Supra still drives perfectly today as it did twenty years ago. With one owner from new and covering just 100,000 miles the dealer said it was a rust free, perfect Supra. Whether or not it ended up in a four-by-four foot cube is anyone's guess but what a crime to even consider putting in the jaws of the crusher. Let’s hope it serves as spares, to say the least. R.I.P With a small tear escaping the corner of our eye this neatly finishes our top five scrappage cars that didn't deserve the crusher.

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