Car Makers Champions League 2009

Decembers’ new car registration figures are in so we can take a look at the final table for 2009. Who won the league? Who made it into Europe? Who got relegated? All will be revealed but firstly let’s take a look at the Car Makers Premier League for December.

This month’s Car Makers Premier League (based on the SMMT figures for UK new car registrations in December 2009) is, on the surface, very encouraging with all but one of the top twenty manufacturers posting an increase on December 2008. It has to be said though that December last year was a bad month and was already down 21.2 percent on December 2007.

Overall the market was up 38.9 percent with a total of 168,942units being registered in the month and the SMMT has revealed that 20.8 percent of December registrations were down to the scrappage scheme.

In the “Car Makers Premier League” each month we take the top twenty manufacturers by number of new cars registered and take a closer look at each manufacturers performance and this month yet again it’s been another excellent month for the Hyundai Kia Automotive Group with Kia taking over the top spot from Hyundai with a whopping 316 percent increase on December 2008. The surprising thing is that Hyundai have slipped to 4th after being leapfrogged by Nissan (up from 4th last month) and Skoda (up from 11th).

The big movers this month are, as we mentioned, Skoda and Mazda (up from 14th to 5th). VW also had a good month improving their position to 12th from 18th.

Bad news this month for Land Rover who could not sustain their recent excellent figures and drop out of the top 20 with 2053 units shifted. Taking their place for the final month of the year is Seat who rocket back to 8th. The worst performer this month by a country mile is Vauxhall who drop down to last place (from 17th) with a 22 percent drop on last December. Other than that everyone was in positive territory with the top 12 positions all outperforming the overall market.

Car Makers Premier League December 2009

POSManufacturerDecember 2008December 2009Diff%
1(2) 116948583689316
2(4) 193762844347224
3(11) 165348783225195
4(1) 128033352055161
5(14) 216647162550118
6(9) 170334641761103
7(6) 305715459240179
8(-) 13942477108378
9(15) 38286600277272
10(10) 23173859154267
11(3) 31395208206966
12(18) 1046914948447943
13(8) 44426095165337
14(7) 50806688160832
15(16) 52126762155030
16(13) 63657866150124
17(19) 1818821732354419
18(22) 3407404663919
19(20) 475350142615
20(17) 1905814920(4138)(22)

Let’s now take a look at the final table for 2009 and check the standings of the various top 20 manufacturers we have followed throughout the year. With the scrappage scheme accounting for a 5th of all new car registrations in 2009 there’s no doubting what a bleak picture we’d have been painting had it not been introduced.

Champions – Hyundai

Consistent performer throughout the latter stages ending up with an amazing 102 percent gain on 2008

Champions League – Kia, Nissan

Again big beneficiaries of the scrappage scheme turning in a 62 and 17 percent increase respectively.

Champions League Playoff – Fiat

A good performance with a 9 percent increase on 2008

Europa league Playoff Round – Volvo, Seat

Surprising performance from Volvo given the uncertainty surrounding the brand and a steady, albeit erratic, performance from Seat flitting in and out of the top 20 all season but ending up with a 2 percent increase on 2008

Europa League 3rd Qulaifying Round – Skoda

It’s the last of the positives with Skoda turning in a negligible 0.5% increase on last year

Relegated to the Championship – Peugeot, Vauxhall and Renault

No real surprises here. Concern about GM Europe has impacted Vauxhall’s sales and Renault, despite a late surge, has suffered from a very poor start. Unlucky for Peugeot as it could so easily have been BMW facing the drop.

Car Makers Champions League 2009

3 66336779241158817
4 553256033750129
5 333583485714994
6 29397299875902
7 3710037253153.5
8 322514316369(6145)(2)
9 4073639866(870)(2)
10 105717102612(3105)(3)
11 7488372281(2602)(3)
12 4985847934(1924)(4)
13 10084591172(9673)(10)
14 179189161137(18052)(10)
15 8380574819(8986)(11)
16 8123772450(8787)(11)
17 11313298683(14449)(13)
18 118701102574(16127)(14)
19 298912237840(61072)(20)
20 8957063174(26396)(29)

So that concludes the league for 2009…now let’s see what 2010 has to offer us in a post-scrappage world. Should be interesting.

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