Snow joke as the weather decimates car sales events

Just when we thought it was safe to get life back to normal it decided to snow again. The forecourts were just beginning to thaw out and customers were once again able to actually read the sticker prices when the corpulent dark grey skies re-opened and dumped more misery upon a fledgling year of car retailing.

BCA Blackbushe was so snowed in and snowed up that the sale was actually conducted outside where the sad looking cars sat, let’s just hope that the snow didn’t cover up too many sins.

It’s a good thing the good old fashioned blitz spirit is kicking in, and the fact that more on line buyers were logging on to buy cars – and where more customers use the internet to buy cars ‘subject to’ – means that at least there is some activity, so deals are being done.

The sales are now in full swing but have not yet reached their entire intended audience and even the sturdiest of staff have struggled to make it in.

The ironic thing is that this time last year we were talking about recession and doom and gloom which was quickly replaced with hope and frenzy. This year with all of us looking for the bright start we are, instead, talking about bad weather.

In fact it is so bad that one sales manager, whose branch usually sells 50 cars per week, has this week shifted the grand total of (count them) 2!

The possible good news is that this will mean that bargain time will more than likely continue well into February and if we have a winter like 1963 make that March.

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