The last car I cared about

I am always amused but, at the same time, slightly frustrated, that because I have been a veteran of the trade for nearly three decades, people I come into contact with assume, when they find out what business I am in, that I must simply love cars. Well sorry, I say, I don’t actually love cars as others may do, certainly not the car itself. I see them as something absolutely necessary but mainly functional and certainly a freedom provider. I am in the main a lover of the motoring business; I am fascinated with the process of selling cars and the excitement of people making a major purchasing decision in an emotional industry. If you are a regular subscriber or reader of our BOTW section you will see that if you really are into the 'metal' there is always someone on hand to engage you, unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on your point of view) for me rather than what car you buy, it’s more a question of what happened when you bought it. People tend to get quite shocked when they ask me if I would recommend a certain car only to be told that I wouldn’t recommend any car because what I may like or think is important will be completely different to what, for instance, my next door neighbour may like. But then that is probably why he is in a Saab and looking more worried every day. I would rather talk about someone’s experience of buying a car wherever that may be, than what car they end up with. Ultimately how they bought their car and how they were treated will decide the long term health of the car trade rather that what car they actually purchased. Anyway if anyone is really interested I was down the auction recently and saw a piece of metal that did actually excite me, a Cortina 2000e. In other words a piece of history, but not something you ever mention if you want to be “down with the kids”. Nevertheless it is, in my opinion, a genuine piece of my history which bought back so many great memories. This probably indicates why I have interest mainly in the health of my trade, because they just don’t make 'em like that anymore. Probably with good reason. CULTURAL CORTINA AT BCA

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