Car dealers striving for comparison with major high street retailers on customer excellence

In the coming months it will become even more vital for car businesses to meet the expectations of their existing and prospective customers. Most dealers have begun to realise that as competition for customer’s heats up it’s not just about having the best and most sought after products which is important. Along with price, getting value from the buying experience will be critical in the decision making process for customers. Never before have they been offered such choice and as the car makers from the Far East begin to really understand what makes buyers tick, buyers are increasingly prepared to take time to compare multiple models when choosing their next car. OEM’s in conjunction with their franchise partners are looking at customer satisfaction in a far more scientific way in order to map the buying experience and the using of servicing facilities to continually improve their standards. Some may rightly say that there is still work to be done before the motor trade is up there with the likes of John Lewis but they are definitely striving for comparison with major high street retailers for customer excellence. There is a new generation of car buyers coming through who are more sophisticated in the way they obtain information, far more than ever before. It will be vital that car dealers rid themselves of the stereotypical image which has long been associated with selling cars and ensure that what it looks like in the images online is aligned to the rest of the experience when taking the buying process into the physical showroom.

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